How Keyword Analysis helps you

Keyword analysis and tracking gives you a complete picture of the value of a particular keyword.

Using key metrics such as volume, keyword strength, CPC, paid search competition, top ranking pages, as well as ad texts and more, you can evaluate the opportunities a keyword has and how it affects your website traffic.

We give you useful information updated every minute such as search volume, SEO and PPC metrics, trends and ad text for the keyword queried, find the countries with the highest search volumes and focus your SEO campaign on them.

Collect phrase matches and related keywords

Increase the visibility of your website with a list of alternative keywords, based on the keywords you have entered.

To obtain the related keywords, zentica SEO analyzes the domains that are positioned in the top 75 positions for a specific search keyword and offers you a list of keywords that they have in common.

Find out how web pages get positioned for a particular search in Google's organic results. You can view and analyze a page's Authority Score, the number of domains referred and backlinks to it, its estimated organic traffic, and the total number of keywords used.

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions

Zentica SEO is a platform that offers you up to 50 online tools to improve and monitor your SEO and keywords in search results, social networks and much more. It also offers you tools that provide you with detailed reports of the improvements and updates that you should implement in your web pages. The goal of Zentica SEO is for you to improve and increase your positions in organic search engine results without having to make large and expensive payments.

Zentica SEO has many different utilities and functions, the main ones are focused on the positioning of your web and keywords in the search engines. It constantly analyzes your keywords and their improvement over time in the search results, helps you implement new keywords on your website with suggestions, monitors your competition to know what they are doing at all times, monitors social networks to know everything that is spoken of you or your brand, makes detailed reports of problems and improvements in your web pages and many other tools that will help you to advance your competition in the search results and position yourself as a reference.

Zentica SEO is a robot that works for you, it will tell you everything you need to do to improve your website, it will detect errors in it both in programming and SEO. It will inform you daily of your progress in the search results, and if you want it to, it will also inform you about your competition. It will always have an eye on social networks to notify you when your brand or website is spoken or mentioned. All you have to do is implement the improvements it suggests, follow the steps it indicates and see the results.

Zentica SEO has been developed by the prestigious web development agency Zentica Global that has in its staff former Google engineers and the best SEO experts worldwide. Zentica Global will be in charge of keeping Zentica SEO updated and responding to all support and help tickets, so quality, security and trust are guaranteed.

No, we do not tie anyone up. You can use our online SEO tool for as long as you want and cancel your account at any time as easily as you signed up.

Yes, all packages include a support ticket service. Support tickets are handled by Zentica Global, so real SEO experts and ex-Google engineers will answer your questions. You will always receive the best advice and unparalleled quality support with the full Zentica guarantee.

At any time and from your own Zentica SEO panel you can change your contracted package, either increase to a bigger one with more tools or decrease to a lower package. This can be done at any time.

If you are constant, follow all the recommendations that the Zentica SEO platform gives you about the improvements to be made on your web pages along with a correct interpretation of all the reports and analysis that the tool will do for you in 2 months you will start noticing in the reports themselves that Zentica SEO provides you with great improvements in your online visibility and positioning in the organic search results. Whenever you have a question, open a support ticket for an expert to help you, don't miss this opportunity to grow.

Do you need help?

If you have any questions about Zentica SEO, its operation, scope or registration on our platform, please access the support center or talk to us by chat.